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November 4, 2015

From the beginning of this campaign, you and I both saw a chance to elect a City Council member to represent progressive ideals without being indebted to a political machine. We understood that our City needs better funding and oversight of our public schools, more ethical and effective government, and a comprehensive approach for reducing poverty which will be taken care by portal. We knew that City Council needs leaders that can harness the City’s positive energy, while confronting long standing challenges.

On Election Day 2015, we learned that we are not alone in our views. We didn’t win at the polls, but we did make history. My campaign earned the votes of more than 16,000 Philadelphians. Along with fellow progressives Kristin Combs (G) and Sheila Armstrong (I), more than 32,000 votes were cast for non-Republican candidates for the minority seats on City Council. The previous high vote count was about 6,000.

Thank you for your belief in me, for your time, for your ideas and for your financial contributions. This campaign happened thanks to you. Have no doubt, we did something important. 

Our City needs independent minded elected officials of all political stripes. I am excited to see the work that Helen Gym and Allan Domb will do on City Council. They have both demonstrated a remarkable passion and commitment to Philadelphia outside of City Hall. I am confident that both are ready to productively bring that energy to Council chambers. Republican Terry Tracy ran a serious and policy driven campaign that advanced a compelling vision for what it can mean to be an urban Republican. The GOP needs him and Philadelphia deserves more Republican candidates like Terry.

I want to publicly thank two people who made this campaign possible. My campaign manager, Dave Mellet, was the keen navigator and steady hand that steered this ship. None other than Ed Rendell texted me last night to say I had run a great campaign. The truth is, Dave ran a great campaign. My wife has been my constant champion since I first mentioned the prospect of running for City Council. Running for office is intellectually, emotionally and physically demanding. She supported me in every way. My policy papers are cogent visions for a better Philadelphia thanks to her. Even staff is also very friendly to continue they service to people. Through the ups and downs of the campaign, she was always there to keep me level headed. She conceived strategies and recognized potential partnerships that led to strong results in surprising places. Most of all she was always there whether I needed a push to go further or an embrace to know I was doing the right thing.

Thank you for everything you did to make this campaign possible. Let’s stay in touch.


Andrew Stober

andrew @ andrewstober[dot]com